Multi-Stage High Pressure Pumps


Water supply systems, pressure boosting, fire fighting, boiler feed, irrigation and sprinkler installations, cooling water and hot water circulation, pressurisation in chemial, process and allied industries.


Clean or slightly contaminated liquids up to 150 cSt (150mm²/s) viscosity.

Duty Range

  • Capacities up t 500 m³/hr
  • Heads up to 30 bar (cast iron) or up to 40 bar (special materials)
  • Max. temperature 140°C.


Multi-stage ring section pump of robust construction with extra large shaft sction for vibration-free running. For high output pressures additional axial thrust balancing is provided by a balancing piston mounted on a pump shaft.

All wearing parts are renewable without additional work on the casing parts

Shaft sealing either with stuffing box packing or mechanical seal. Bearing housing are protected against the ingress of spray water by means of lip seals.

Under difficult suction conditions (low NPSH-available), the pump can be providd with an axial inlet for cavitation-reducing flow entry pattern into the first stage impeller.

Axial Thrust Compensation

In pumps with a small number of stages, the ball bearings (fixed bearings) absorb the axial thrust.

In pumps with larger number of stages, the axial thrust is equalised by means of a balancing piston mounted on the shaft on the area of the delivery housing.

Parts List

106    Suction Casing
107    Delivery Casing
108.1 Interstage Casing
108.2 Interstage Casing
173    Diffuser Plate (only 49 200)
174.1 Diffuser Insert
174.2 Diffuser Insert
181    Pump Base
210    Shaft
230    Impellar
321    Grooved Ball Bearing
323    Thrust Ball Bearing
330    Bearing Housing
341    Motor Stool
360.1 Bearing Cover
360.2 Bearing Cover
400.1 Gasket
400.2 Gasket
412.1 O-Ring
412.2 O-Ring
412.3 O-Ring
412.4 O-Ring
412.5 O-Ring
412.5 O-Ring
412.6 O-Ring
451    Gland Housing
452    Gland
458    Lantern Ring
461    Gland Packing
471    Seal Packing
472    Rotating Seal Plate
474.1 Compression Ring
474.2 Compression Ring
475    Stationary Seal
477    Spring
485    Drive Collar
502    Casing Wear Ring
506    Locating Ring
507.1 Thrower Ring
507.2 Thrower Ring
524    Shaft Sleeve
525.1 Distance Sleeve
525.2 Distance Sleeve
542    Neck Bush
545    Bearing Bush
562.1 Dower Pin
562.2 Dower Pin
600    Axial Balance Pipe
603    Axial Balance Piston
605    Axial Balance Bush
901    Hexagon Set Screw
902.1 Stud
902.3 Stud
903    Plug
904    Grub Screw
905    Tie Bolt
920.1 Hexagon Nut
920.2 Hexagon Nut
920.3 Hexagon Nut
920.4 Hexagon Nut
921    Shaft Locking Nut
932    Circlip
940.1 Key
940.2 Key

Non-balanced mechanical Seal

Balanced mechanical seal

Mechanical seal in tandem arrangement

Back-to-back double acting mechanical seal

Maximum recommended velocities:
2m/s suction pipework,
3.5m/s delivery pipework.